Friday, 13 November 2009

In Circles...

You knew it would happen. You can only leave the bowels of Starbucks for so long, before you get dragged back, lured by a biting addiction to caffeine, and the illusion of having “somewhere” to be. It might not be “where everyone knows your name”, but I’m relieved that the people who were here last winter are still here. It’s my office. My big, loud, unproductive office. But it’s the illusion – I am here in front of my laptop (how I’ve missed living through you!), dressed in some sort of semi-professional attire - looking important. Pondering why so many people are in Starbucks in the middle of the afternoon on a week day – doing the exact same thing I am doing. Full circle.

So before I return to the realm of formally blogging weight, life, etc – let me play the game of catch up. Have I really gone full circle? Not really. I haven’t blogged in months and months, except for the sparse details that I’ve periodically dropped. Things have changed. I’ve just upgraded to Windows 2007 – that’s change. I’m learning to use Publisher 2007. More change.

Seven months ago I headed back to work. It was supposed to be temporary – let’s face it, my job isn’t exactly the career accelerator that I’m looking for. But it paid the bills and I quickly became complacent. I set my own hours (they were often long) and worked with my dog (who better to work with?). Yes, I dealt with idiots, but that is any job. So typical to form, I decided to plug along, not particularly happy, but surviving. Along the way I picked up additional jobs – nothing truly exciting, but – money is money.

And then there is a point that you begin to realize that you are merely putting in time until you die. (I think that is what is formally known as a “rut”).

Yes, work has taken up the majority of my tangible time for the past several months. Luckily I was laid off this week. I am thrilled. Really. It opens up doors – maybe.

I took a new opportunity which has launched (errr….catapulted) me into the world of business and marketing. The income potential is good. Or bad. It could go either way. I could mean a lot of work for little gain. Or a lot of work for a great gain. Do you see what I am saying here? I am gambling. But – I get to talk to people, push a product, develop a marketing campaign – I wear dress clothes.

No I’m not particularly interested in this new job. But really – the dress clothes are exciting. It gives me an excuse to go my office (Starbucks). Sure it might be temporary….

What else can I say here?

Money: always a stressor – I should give lectures on how not to be like me… I could sit here and write an endless diatribe on the lack of morality exhibited by the credit card industry. I won’t.

Relationship: I’m still in one. Somewhere, somehow…

The Future: the future is the best part. Due to the job situation here (really, does anything ever change?) and lack of personal career growth, there may be a move in the near future. To the Capitol (at least that has where talks have been aimed for the past two months). There are education al opportunities for me, and career opportunities for him. Luckily we both lack follow-through….soooo…

Full circle, I suppose.