Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Quickie!

Hello blog. I’ve missed you!
So…let’s catch up!
I’m still in the North…working, working, working…big things have happened. Epic. Monsterous. Mainly just to me, but some of the stress is falling away (now if only I could make the rest of the weight fall away).
My University of London/London School of Economics dream is almost a reality. My funding has been approved, the final paperwork is in the mail. After twelve weeks of mailing, emailing, arguing with Canada Post, it’s so close and overwhelming. Though I’m still a bit upset that Canada Post lost my Confirmation of Acceptance and course selections for the better part of a month (luckily the Ombudsperson for CP got involved, and CP footed the rather high cost of Fed Exing my documents to England) and delayed the process.
There is talk of travel. I love travel – there is talk of jolly Old England, Morocco. It’s my life again.
I am looking at grad schools – I know what I want to be when I grow up.
After four years of ruts, and what seemed like continual bad news, I feel hopeful again. But there is always worry with that – I can’t have everything, can I? And yet, maybe for this moment, I can.