Thursday, 26 February 2009

Waiting in the Airport

My ideal blogging location involves soothing music and an ample supply of caffiene. Presently I am sitting in a terminal in Pearson Airport - no coffee, no music, no comfort. Not my ideal location. The persistent sound of buzzers and beepers, combined with the drone of radio static is keeping me awake. It's probably best that I stay awake - would be hell to miss my flight because I nodded off. As the Brits say, I am knackered!
I am on my way to Vancouver for a meet and greet this evening (Yes, I flew to Toronto to fly to Vancouver - makes a lot of sense, right?). Yes, somewhere in my infinite wisdom I decided that I would be coherent enough to make professional conversation this evening. At the moment, I am struggling to string together these sentences...The only solution is going to involve ALOT of coffee.
Nope. This isn't a good blogging location.....

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