Sunday, 5 April 2009

Life in the Moment

Already nearly a week in to April - where has time gone?? Sometimes it leaves your head spinning.

I haven't been blogging as religiously as I once did; not that I haven't been writing. But some of my more recent writings are more controversial than this blog allows. Eventually I might host a seperate blog, with the "unpublished posts"....hmmmm....

Typical to Thunder Bay form, we have been sucker bunched by the weather. The last week of March and beginning of April saw dirty, disgusting weather. An ice storm left as literally encased in a layer! A week later, 30 cm of wet, heavy snow was dumped on the region (I know, I know! Snow is wet and heavy...). It was gross nonetheless.

Aside from the weather, March bore witness to the CIS hockey championships. This resulted in four days of solid hockey. I am fairly certain I left an *ss imprint in my seat! It was worth it though - especially getting to see UNB beat Western!!

The month also saw the meeting of old friends, the discovery of a local supplier of Leffe beer, a brief sojourn to the West, my acceptance into the University of London/London School of Economics, and the creation of more questions than answers. Yes, I'm usually more specific and open on this blog, but life is in transition...somedays you just can't escape it.

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