Friday, 25 April 2008

London Calling

So the path home is a long and bumpy road through London. Most people would be excited to be sitting in one the "greatest" cities on earth. Not me. After sleepy Banbury, and backwoods TBay, I am overwhelmed by the honking horns, traffic, construction and people. Sooo...can I move here? I don't know. What is the solution - I don't know. If I dislike small town living in Banbury, and I dislike large cities, it would appear that my only solution is to stay in Tbay. *Explitive*.
Alright, so this is going to be a very brief entry - I am staying in a hostel and having a laptop in hostel is just asking for trouble. I used to hostel - when I was in my early 20s I loved it. Meeting new people, pub crawls, etc. There was something liberating about the potential for drunken escapades with strangers, getting bed bugs, and sharing bunk beds. I'm not 19 anymore. Seeing the condom machines on the wall down the hall from me, makes me roll my eyes - random sexual experiences in a tacky. Apparently I have entered that stage in my life that I am now an adult - I like stability, quiet nights, and sleep - I have had my share of nights of alcohol-induced vomitting (and to be frank, its not the most pleasant experience). That being said, as an adult I also realize that staying in a hotel is not a price option that I can afford. Hostel it is. But along with reevaluating my career & living options, I am now reevaluting my travel desires. Could I handle the congestion of India? The shock of Sub-Sahara Africa? etc. I'm not so sure anymore. Leanne used to be a traveler. What happend?

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