Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sirens, Horns & People

Sirens...horns...people...welcome to London. I'm in an internet cafe (?) room (?)...I'm not really sure what it is. All I know is that my laptop is refusing to read my European modem, and internet prices vary from 10p a minute, to 50p for 30 minutes - you do the math! So...since I've been in London I have found myself overwhelmed by my reintroduction to mass numbers of people everywhere! It has only been 4 years since I was last here, but I swear, London's population has skyrocketed. My arms are baring the bruises of having been slammed by bags and bodies (don't worry, they are living bodies!). Us Canadians love our 10 feet of personal space - you just can't get that here! If I were to move here I wonder how long it would take me to become a dispondant Londoner? Presently I try to sidestep collisions - yet the average Londoner does not. They are more than willing to run straight into you and keep on going...of course, as a Canadian I am hardwired to apologize profusely, regardless of whether or not the collision was my fault. I'm not a fan :)
I am also shocked by the noise. It's no secret that I am a country girl - could I trade in the peace and quiet of the country for metropolitan living? Even in New Orleans, I was not exposed to this amount of noise. Through the night there are horns and sirens - which apparently are still a novelty here? The other night I went for a drink with an Aussie who had just completed a tour of Africa - both of us laughed and mused at the noise factor, as we sat in mutual shock and awe - Sub Sahara Africa does not offer this experience! For a couple of days, I can deal with it - but after a couple of months I could see having a catacylismic breakdown.

All complaints about London aside, there are things that I do like about this city. It is a hotbed of entertainment. Whether it be a musical or a concert, or just watching random people do stupid things, it is entertaining here (I can't judge....I'm sure if someone had a subscription into my recent life, they would have been highly entertained). I could sit and people watch by the hour. And the fo
od...what can I say about the food? Cheap ethnic food, that is actually tasty. I know that the Brits have a horrible reputation when it comes to culinary integrity BUT luckily, the infiltration of other cultures has given London a unique selection. I have been enjoying Moroccan and Lebanese food, and may stake out a Chinese food restaurant today. For the record, North American Chinese food is a bastardized rendition of the authentic cuisine. Oh..and can I forget shopping? Granted an afternoon of shopping can set you back...there is a great selection of retailers here. Yesterday I finally got a chance to go to the Portobello Rd/Notting Hill Market - TONS of stuff to buy...TONS of people...could be a fun experience for the hardcore shopper (I'm not that hardcore). I am a personal fan of Harrods, but not on a weekend...

Hold on a sec...I need to discuss Harrods. I am on a mission right now - apparently looking for some chocolate that we can't get back in North America. I decided to take a second trip to Harrods. While there, I opted to have a guilty little ice cream splurge at Morellis - recent weeks have been leading to the ice cream crash. So...Morelli's...awesome ice cream that costs a small fortune. A sundae ranges from approximately $15-30! I bought the cheapest item on the menu, but still skipped dinner to make up for the financial and caloric drain. Oh ya. I didn't find the chocolate...but at least I had the ice cream :)

So aside from this little foray into London, what is my purpose for being here? I don't know. I am contemplating whether or not I could actually live in this city...I have been offered work in Clapham Junction in SW London. Could I do it? I don't know. I am slowly starting to realize that as you get older there is a need for stability. I don't know if I could find stability here. Luckily the job comes with quite a bit more money than the one in Banbury did. Maybe financial stability could replace my need for physical and emotional stability. Hmmm...there's a start...

I made so many bad decisions in going to Banbury, and there were so many things that I did not know or realize. Fortunately I needed to make those bad decisions - they are helping me find my place in the future.

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