Saturday, 1 November 2008

London Weathered

London is dark and dreary, and it is only noon. A soft rain is falling – not enough to get anything actually wet, but enough to make you despise being outside. Such is life in the capital. Last week we changed our clocks back, which for me was somewhat of an ordeal. I had made the mistake of booking a coach ticket before I realized that the clocks would be changing. On Sunday I woke up in a panic, unsure as to what time it was. Unfortunately the individuals who run the hotel that I stay (err…live) in, speak relatively little English. This lead to more panic, as I worried that I might miss my coach. What is my point here? Really I don’t have one.
Actually, wait…yes I do…I dislike that it is pitch black by 5pm. It is only November 1 – what will it be like by December 21??? EEKS!! Dark by 3 pm and raining? No wonder people complain about depression in London!! At least it might be moderately light at 5:30 am when I joyfully start my day. I came to England trying to escape the Canadian winter; I think I’m now dreading the English winter.
Truthfully I am freezing here. In my typical Canadian cold-weather arrogance, I decided that I could leave my warmest clothes back in Canada. Why? Because Canadians know cold weather. Nothing can touch a Northern Ontario winter (except maybe an Arctic winter). We have snow by Halloween. We are tough, weathered, and can take the elements (unless the elements are really hot, then we melt). Ya. Leanne miscalculated, and was likewise shocked to see snow in the countryside surrounding London (before Halloween). Actually – I first saw the snow somewhere outside of Milton Keynes, and spent the next hour convincing myself that it was snow – and it lasted right up to London. Apparently the smog in London may create some sort of impenetrable barrier through which snow cannot fall. I hope.
The benefit of today’s terrible weather is that I was going to go to the Portobello Road Market. This would have just been disastrous. Firstly – I dislike the huge crowds of the market. I feel like a cow being moved by an over zealous farmer with an electrified prod. Just jump in, and let the crowd move you. Secondly though, and more disastrous, is that I like to shop. Being unwilling to walk in the rain, actually saves me a bunch of money. Not that I can’t find other places to shop – but I’m generally lazy about having to find these places. Hopefully later it will clear up, and I’ll be able to walk some more of the city. Or buy a new Oyster Card. Or find somewhere new to live. Or see if Tottenham can beat Liverpool (wouldn’t that be an upset!). Welcome to the limitless possibilities of life in London.

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