Monday, 19 January 2009

London Looming

There comes a point when you have to be honest with yourself. I have zero desire to return to London. I think I have crossed the threshold of comfort and complacency. Actually, it’s not London – it’s teaching. I have said it before, and I will say it again – if I were in a profession that I absolutely loved, it would different. But I’m not. There are so many deadweight teachers occupying the profession, that I can’t just be one more. I can still fake my enjoyment for it; there are many who can’t. I am tired of seeing those teachers, obviously miserable in their career, sticking it out because of the financial perks, benefits and vacation time. It’s not fair to the students.

Then there are the travel teachers – they drive me crazy too. It is like a whole other scale of deadweight. You know – the individuals who think they qualify as a “teacher” because they took a weekend TESOL/TEFL course. And why? For the opportunity to have bragging rights. If you want to be a teacher, go and get some formal training. Many formally trained teachers have spent ample time working in schools (in positions other than teaching) and/or volunteering. Then there was the additional commitment of teacher’s college. Afterwards there are the additional professional development obligations. If you want something to compare it to: think of the office gopher being promoted to CEO of a multinational corporation after a week of gophering. Yes, weekend teaching courses irritate me. It’s unfortunate that the international market doesn’t have higher expectations.

Along with having spent a ton of time working in schools, and a moderate amount of time volunteering, I have also taken a fair amount of Professional Development. My interest in teaching jumps back and forth, and yet I know I still have no long term aspirations to remain in the profession. Maybe I just haven’t found my niche in teaching? Maybe there is just something inherently wrong with me and commitment? Maybe I have just spent too much time listening to and observing disgruntled teachers, that my illusion has been ruined? While in London I was irritated by teachers who were miserable but in love with their daily pay rate (£) – isn’t there something more to this profession? I came home just as our provincial teaches were voicing their discontent – again. Today my cousin said to me “Well you know teachers – they don’t want to work or teach.” And no – I don’t believe that, but our continued complaints can certainly be perceived that way.
Yep, I’m ranting because I’m overtired. What am I going to do? Who knows….

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