Monday, 13 October 2008

London Hunt

I am not going to openly say that I have been lazy about my pursuit of a flat. Instead, I will say that I have been less than inspired...far less...
On a daily basis, I have been checking the local flat rental websites, and everytime I am overwhelmed by a barrage of photos, advertising "newly renovated", "modern", "easily accesible", "convienently located" flats in the London area (keep in mind, that the London area seems to be the size of Southern Ontario). Needless to say, every flat claims to have the same features and benefits. The only variation is the price - the price has reaquainted me with my gag reflex.
As I am moderately overwhelmed by the city...and as I am carrying enough luggage to sink a ship, seeking out flats in Croydon (East or West), Putney (Bridge or East), Clapham (Junction or Common), Balham, Brixton, far more daunting than I am prepared to deal with. So naturally, being a creature of habit, when the Manager of my hotel informed me that he had a flat to rent, I leapt at the chance.
The benefits of this decision were borne strictly from laziness - the flat is located right across the street from my hotel (no major luggage movement!). But it also fit into the scheme I had developed in Banbury....
I will not rent through an agency
I will not be locked into a lease
I will not spend more than 150pounds/wk
I will not spend additional money on utilites.
Ultimately I have put all of my eggs into one basket - very risque. Even more risky is that I am going to hopefully take the first place that I have viewed. The rent is a bit more, I have to pay for is in close proximity to two tube stations, Central London, Clapham (Junction and Common!!), and it will allow me time to either aquaint myself with other areas of London or to continue further into the depths of England. I will be committed to three months here - and barring I don't crack in another week, this truthfully does seem like the best option.
I have been a landlord. I can see all of the mistakes that I could potentially be making - but I am making those mistakes with complete clarity....I think....

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